We offer Paediatric Physiotherapy which is specific and targeted

At Reclaim Health and Rehab we offer Paediatric Physiotherapy which is specific, targeted Physiotherapy for babies, children or teens working with them on developmental, neurological, cognitive and musculoskeletal conditions.

Our Paediatric Physiotherapists have a special interest in Paediatric Physiotherapy and have undertaken further post graduate study to refine and develop these skills. 

Some of the many reasons family’s might access paediatric physiotherapy is to improve their child’s:

  • Co-ordination and motor skills
  • Specialized interventions
  • School, sport and wellbeing
  • Joint and muscle conditions
  • Pain and injury management 

Just some of the many conditions we work with include:

  • Developmental delays 
  • ASD 
  • ADHD 
  • Autism & Asperger’s 
  • Down Syndrome 
  • Sensory Processing disorders 
  • Chronic Illness 
  • Traumatic Injuries 
  • Behavioural problems 
  • Low tone or hypotonia 
  • High tone or Hypertonia 
  • Intellectual impairment