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Hila Ben Shoham

Role Description:

Special Interests:

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Hila embarked on her journey in physiotherapy when she graduated as a Physiotherapist in Israel in 2016. Since then, she has been making a positive impact in the healthcare field through her work in private practices and aged care facilities. Hila’s unique blend of expertise and dedication sets her apart as a valued member of the Reclaim Health and Rehabilitation team. 

Her special interests within the realm of physiotherapy are a testament to her commitment to comprehensive care. Hila has honed her skills and knowledge in areas including shoulder health, neck issues, cervicogenic headaches, and paediatrics. This expert skillset allows her to address a wide range of conditions, ensuring her patients receive tailored, high-quality care. 

Hila’s passion for professional development is evident in her pursuit of post-graduate courses. She has engaged in various advanced training programs to further enhance her skills, such as the Jenny McConnell shoulder approach, upper limbs Mulligan, equipment Pilates at level 1, dry needling at level 1, advanced lower limbs dry needling, and the Watson Headache approach at level 1. 

Beyond her professional life, Hila finds joy in her personal pursuits. When she’s not hard at work, she spends quality time with her two young boys, sharing memorable moments with her family and friends. She also maintains an active and healthy lifestyle by hitting the gym, going for runs, and exploring new outdoor destinations. This balance between professional dedication and personal fulfillment highlights Hila’s holistic approach to life and healthcare. 

Hila’s philosophy in patient care centres around the belief that every individual is unique, and as such, no two treatments should be alike. She is committed to delivering a personalized approach to each of her patients, understanding that success is achieved through hard work and tailored care. 


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy  
  • McConnell approach to the problem shoulder course   
  • Mulligans Upper Limb Quadrant Course  
  • Level 1 Equipment Pilates  
  • Level 1 Dry Needling  
  • Advanced Dry Needling lower limbs  
  • Simplifying the shoulder Course  
  • Level 1 Watson Headache Course