Exercise Physiotherapy Fees

Fit Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions, Clinical Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions, One on One Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions

Exercise Physiotherapy Fees 

(as of 1st July 2021) – Healthfund Rebatable 

Fit Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions 

Class $35 | 10 pack $315 (one free class) | 45mins / Pensioners $25 |10 pack $250 |45mins 

Led by a Physiotherapist, FIT takes a high energy approach to the well known and loved exercise sessions. It incorporates all your favourite equipment including the reformer, springboard, Wanda chair, Pilate’s ring, duradisc’s and weights. It will leave you sweating and feeling the burn. As a result, class members are required to be injury free to undertake this class or have clearance by our Physiotherapist. 

Clinical Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions 

Class $39 | 10 pack $350 | 45 mins / Pensioners $29 | 10 Pack $290 | 45mins  

Led by a Physiotherapist, CLINICAL blends the traditional exercise sessions with a modern twist. Specifically designed for those recovering from an injury, living with an injury, pregnant or need closer / more specialised programs. It focuses on core strength, developing lean muscle and strength, combined with addressing poor motor patterns and areas of weakness’s / poor posture. It uses all equipment especially the reformer and springboard in a specialised rehabilitative way, addressing and working around your injury. 

One on One Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions 

Please call reception for pricing | 45mins 

ONE on ONE is for those with more complex conditions, those who are unsure of a group setting or for those who would prefer one on one. These sessions go for 45 minutes and follow the same structure as the group sessions incorporating all the equipment – reformer, springboard, Wanda chair, Pilate’s ring, duradisc and weights. They allow the Physiotherapist hands on time to focus and address your weakness’s, poor patterns, and core strength. 

Terms and Conditions – Physiotherapy Exercise Class Blocks 

  • All classes are to be booked prior to attending 
  • All new clients must attend a Pre-Assessment prior to attending classes 
  • All blocks are subject to an expiry period – 12months from the date of purchase 
  • Blocks of 5 or 10 classes must be purchased in advance 
  • Reclaim does not offer refunds for unused classes 

Please be aware, a “No Show” to your class will incur a $15 fee. 

These prices are correct as of 1/01/2024 and subject to change.