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Kim Tang

Role Description:


Meet Kim, a crucial member of our team, and a dedicated physio expert who thrives on helping clients reach their physical goals. Kim’s passion for physiotherapy has deep roots that stem from her active involvement in sports such as swimming and netball during her school years. It was a significant ankle injury, a fractured fibula while playing netball in year 11, that introduced her to the transformative power of physiotherapy. This experience ignited a clear goal within her, inspiring her career journey. 

Earning the title of valedictorian of her cohort, Kim pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy (with Honors) at the University of Queensland, graduating in 2020. Her dedication to academic excellence is mirrored in her commitment to her patients. Kim is not just a sports enthusiast; she’s a highly qualified professional who understands the impact of physiotherapy from both sides. 

Kim’s extensive qualifications include certifications in Dry Needling and Western Acupuncture, Advanced Upper Limb Dry Needling, Pilates Level 1, and “The Manual to Great Therapy” by James Schomburgk and Kieran Richardson. Her areas of professional interest encompass various musculoskeletal issues, including low back, neck, shoulders, knees, and ankles. She is also passionate about clinical pilates, post-operative rehabilitation, sport rehabilitation, and dry needling. 

Looking forward, Kim aspires to become a women’s health physiotherapist. She believes in fostering a welcoming, friendly, and encouraging environment to help clients achieve their goals, whatever they may be. 

Beyond her professional achievements, Kim’s active lifestyle extends to her hobbies, which include gym workouts, pole fitness, social tennis, hiking, and swimming. She also cherishes spending quality time with her family and catching up with friends. Kim’s holistic approach to well-being extends to her life outside the clinic, and she is excited to bring her expertise and passion to her work with each patient.


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy  
  • Level 1 Dry Needling  
  • Advanced Dry Needling Upper limbs  
  • Level 1 Equipment Pilates  
  • The Manual to Great Therapy (By James Schomburgk & Kieran Richardson)