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Pilates and Clinical Pilates

Reclaim is proud to offer Pilates and Clinical Pilates in our boutique studio in the Western Suburbs Brisbane. We have an experienced, caring and supportive team with state of the art equipment, reformers, sprinboards, Wunda chair all in a private, air-conditioned small group class environment.

What is Pilates?

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates and is a form of exercise that focuss’s on the balanced development of core strength, lean muscle, toning, flexibility and body awareness. There is an emphasis on lengthening the body while maintaining correct alignment of the spine. Pilates focuses on the core muscles of the body – commonly thought of as the “powerhouse” muscles. The core muscles trained in Pilates include transverse abdominus, multifdus and the pelvic floor. Pilates is suitable for all ages, male and female and most health conditions. All exercises are able to be modifed and have different levels of difculty suitable for any experience level.

What is clinical pilates?

Clinical Pilates involves modifying the traditional Pilates approach to specialize in injury rehabilitation and prevention, chronic injury management and pre, during and post pregnancy management. It is run by a Qualified Physiotherapist who has done further post graduate courses and training in this field. All classes run by a Qualified Physiotherapist are health fund rebatable. Medicare care plan referrals are eligible for Clinical Pilates one-on-one sessions.

The Reclaim Difference

We are dedicated to offering our clients the best possible treatment and services available in the most caring, compassionate and supportive environment.

For Pilates and Clinical Pilates, we believe it’s essential to educate you how best to do the exercises and why you are doing them. When you join a gym, they run you through how to do the exercises so you do them correctly and don’t hurt yourself, well, Pilates is just like that. We need to teach you correctly how to engage your core muscles to perform the exercise correctly.

Instead of throwing you in the deep end, a pre-pilates consultation is required by our specially trained Women’s Health Physiotherapist / Clincial Pilates Instructor to assess your suitability and main areas – pelvic floor, transverse abdominus and multifdus.

This ensures we identify any potential for injury and gives us a better personal understanding of you. From there, your core muscles will be explained regarding their role and function and you will be taught how to activate them correctly.

Reclaim uses a specialized Ultrasound Diagnostic Imaging System allowing for real time ultrasound feedback. This shows you clearly through an interactive display which muscles we are working on and how to activate them. Once we have introduced you to engaging your core muscles, your program will be individually designed to suit your specific needs and goals and incorporate the use of all clinical equipment: reformers, wunda chair, springboard as well as weights, pilates rings and duradiscs.

The Pilates and Clinical Pilates sessions will have at most 5 people per class allowing greater supervision, feedback and guidance.

We guarantee to provide a friendly, happy, judgement free workout, while treating you as a friend, not a number.

FIT Pilates

Class $30 | 10 pack $250 ($25 per class) | 45mins

FIT Pilates takes a high energy approach to the well known and loved Pilates. It incorporates all your favourite equipment including the reformer, springboard, wunda chair, pilates ring, duradisc’s and weights. It will leave you sweating and feeling the burn. As a result class members are required to be injury free to undertake this class or have clearance by our Physiotherapist.


Class $35 | 10 pack $300 ($30 per class) | 45 mins

CLINICAL Pilates blending the traditional Pilates with a modern twist. Specifcally designed for those recovering from an injury, living with an injury, pregnant or need closer / more specialized programs. It focuses on core strength, developing lean muscle and strength, combined with addressing poor motor patterns and areas of weakness’s / poor posture. It uses all equipment especially the reformer and springboard in a specialized rehabilitative way, addressing and working around your injury.

ONE on ONE Pilates

Session $84 | 10 pack $79 ($79 per class) | 45mins

ONE on ONE Pilates is for those with more complex conditions, those who are unsure of a group setting or for those who would prefer one on one. These sessions go for 45minutes and follow the same structure as the group sessions incorporating all the equipment – reformer, springboard, wunda chair, pilates ring, duradisc and weights. They allow the Physiotherapist hands on time to focus and address your weakness’s, poor patterns and core strength.

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