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Pilates and Clinical Pilates

Pilates and Clinical Pilates is a full body workout and is an excellent way to help strengthen, lengthen, tone and correct any muscle imbalances, weakness’s or injuries. By being able to add resistance into the exercise it will leave you sweating and knowing you’ve had a great workout.

Reclaim Pilates instructor’s use the latest equipment – Reformer, Wunda Chair, Springboard, combined with a range of accessory equipment – dura disk, rings, weights, bands, allowing any muscle, injury or body part to be specifically targeted.

Common conditions that we treat and manage include;

  • Women’s Health – Incontinence, prolapse, pelvic floor weakness, core weakness,
  • Low back pain, hip pain, knee pain, middle back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain
  • Upper and lower body strengthening / toning
  • Upper and lower body flexibility
  • A whole body workout or a workout designed specifically for an area / region.

For other conditions not listed here, please phone the clinic to inquire.

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