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About us

Reclaim Health and Rehabilitation specialize in high quality healthcare.

We believe that in order to treat, fix or cure our clients you must look at them as a whole, not just a specific condition. As a result, we believe offering a multidisciplinary approach of Allied Health and Health service providers enables us to provide comprehensive and superior patient management.

Allied Health and Health services that we provide include;

This custom built clinic allows us to offer the convenience of all of these services in one place. Meaning our team of professionals can talk to each other and co-ordinate a tailor made health care / rehabilitation program for you, ensuring the quickest recovery possible.

Reclaim Health and Rehabilitation staff are passionate about quality care. We offer one-to-one private room consultations and promise to never be juggling 2 or 3 patients at once, or put you on outdated devices like TENS and leave you for most of your session. Our team believe in a hands on based approach meaning we must feel, assess and re-assess the area being treated.

gymRehabilitationBeing located inside one of Brisbane’s leading health clubs – ifeelgood 24/7 express health club, allows unparalleled ability to supervise and monitor your rehabilitation program along with providing instant feedback on your exercise technique which may be the source of your pain. Reclaim Health and Rehabilitation clients do not have to be members of the ifeelgood 24/7 gym to enter, it is open to everyone.

Reclaim Health and Rehabilitation